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summy creates automated, personalized video using Artificial Intelligence, retelling the story in less time, without losing the magic

Summarize videos with the power of AI

What is summy?

summy helps you to truly understand your video in order to create personalized, automated summaries for every goal and audience. It’s as simple as video in, summary out, and immediately ready to share.

Personalized summaries

summy makes summaries personal. The parts selected from the original video vary based on personal preferences or a viewer profile build from data points.
a personal summary for each viewer, created with their preferences
summy makes an in-depth analysis of video content.

In-depth analysis

Our technology allows you to effortlessly make a summary of any video. summy makes an in-depth analysis of your content and extracts all relevant information. This facilitates a thorough understanding of the storyline and structure, enabling summy to decide which shots will establish the ultimate summary for your purpose.

Ready to use

summy integrates directly in your architecture or application and prepares summaries in desired formats and lengths. This allows you to publish and share them without any hassle.
summy outputs a summarized video ready to use
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Time saving

No more time-intensive editing or endlessly searching for the right moments to create your summaries. With the use of Artificial Intelligence summy lets you create a summary in one click.

Fully automated

summy easily integrates into your current environment, automatically creating summaries for every video in any desired formats. Video in, summary out.

Multiple audiences

By modifying the summary, summy serves each viewer their personal video. This way, you can reach various audiences with the initial content. 

Enhance engagement

Increase viewer engagement by serving personal summaries, resulting in more relevance and relatability for your audience.

Improve experience

summy creates the potential for every viewer to change a summary to its preferences. By, for example, changing its duration or selecting a favourite actor. Customizing a summary has never been easier.

Increase consumption

A summary with an optimized fit to what the viewer likes, increases the probability that the viewer will also watch the original video.

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